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Oceanside Outrigger Canoe Club Membership

Oceanside Outrigger Canoe Club is located in Oceanside, California. The Club is a member of the Southern California Outrigger Association (SCORA) and United States Canoe and Kayak Team. Our Club colors are sea foam green and royal blue. The Club promotes the sport of outrigger canoe paddling through programs that include racing and recreational paddling for adults and youths. We will promote respect for the ocean, community, and family, and encourage teamwork utilizing the outrigger canoe and the culture it embodies to accomplish these objectives. The Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-sectarian and non-partisan.

Membership in this Club is open to anyone regardless of age or sex. Membership is valid after payment of dues, signature on club code of conduct and proper execution of an annual SCORA waiver of liability form. Annual dues shall be due and payable on the 1st day of January of each year. Dues for new members will be full dues if joining prior to June 30th and one-half the annual dues if joining on July 1st through December 31st.

Annual dues are as follows:

One adult $180.

Each additional family member $80.

Student or Individual 24 and under $80.

Family members 24 years and under No dues

Juniors without adult family member $80.

Newcomers and guests may paddle four times free before they are required to join the club.

Any delinquent debts shall automatically cause suspension of all Club privileges of the member owing it until such debt is paid in full.

No person shall paddle in a Club canoe without properly executing a SCORA waiver of liability form. Parents will execute an annual SCORA waiver of liability form on behalf of their minor children prior to participation in any Club activities. Prospective Club members should participate in scheduled "Newcomer" paddling activities for a period not to exceed 30 calendar days.

Oceanside Outrigger Canoe Club's Koo Program Helps Paddlers Financially

Oceanside Outriggers Koo Program goes both ways.  The club supports members that have trouble paying dues by supporting part or all of their membership dues and in turn, the Koo recipient members help the club by volunteering in meaningful ways to keep Oceanside Outrigger running smoothly.  The amount of financial support and the kinds of volunteer service are worked out between the Koo recipient and the Oceanside Outrigger Board of Directors.

Oceanside Outriggers by-laws state that an amount equal to up to five percent of the clubs annual membership funds from the previous year may be applied to membership grants on an as-needed basis.  We also accept donations specifically earmarked for the Koo program. 

Im interested.  What do I do?  Potential Oceanside Outrigger Koo Program participants should contact the treasurer for consideration and provide in writing a statement of need and a statement of intent to contribute, in ways other than financial, to the club.  Ideas for non-financial contributions to Oceanside Outrigger include, but are not limited to, activities listed here under Ways for You to do Your Part.

 Im still interested.  How does the club decide who gets to be a Oceanside Outrigger Koo Program Participant?  The treasurer forwards requests to the Board of Directors who will consider them based on some or all of the following criteria:  evaluation of statement of need, evaluation of statement of intent, previous non-monetary contributions to the club, level of participation in club activities and other factors deemed appropriate by the Board.  Evaluation of Koo Program Participant requests will be handled confidentially by the board in a closed session for voting board members only. 

Applications accepted from January 1 through March 1 every year.

Oceanside Outrigger Koo Program

Ways for You to do Your Part


Volunteer to haul canoes to races

Volunteer to arrange snacks and water at ironman, sprint or 9-man races

Volunteer to write articles for newsletter

Volunteer to participate regularly at the Newcomers Paddles by being a steersman, stroker or greeter

Volunteer to set up and run the raffle at our fundraisers

Volunteer to refinish club paddles and refurbish club gear, as needed

Run for a position on the Board of Directors

Develop a Oceanside Outrigger Sponsorship Program and find sponsors

Fundraising Do you have a talent?  Do you want to have an on-line auction of your craft for Oceanside Outrigger members to bid on with the proceeds going to the club?

Fundraising Do you want to sell Shave Ice?  We have a club member willing to provide the Shave Ice machine and training for use as a club fundraiser. 

Volunteer to design, arrange purchase and sell race jerseys and club tshirts

Volunteer to lead Beach Cleanup Days

Volunteer as a Committee Chair or active committee member on any of the Club's committees

Volunteer to help our Keiki Program

Board for 2007

President  and  alternate SCORA representative

Bill Van Tassel


Vice-President and alt SCORA representative

Tom Dean



Kimberly Kingswood



Leslie Baron


Race Director and SCORA representative

Monica Sengstacken


Communications Director

Nate Talauega


Fundraising Director

Chuck Keiper


Recreational Director

Elaine Kelly


Recruitment Director

Bob Bones

Head Coach John Burke