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About Oceanside Outrigger Canoe Club

Oceanside Outrigger Canoe Club was founded in 2007 by the merging of two local outrigger clubs:  Makana Ke Kai Outrigger Canoe Club and Paopao Outrigger Association. 

Makana Ke Kai Outrigger Canoe Club was founded by six “old” surfers with a love for the ocean and appreciation of the Polynesian outrigger canoe.  In November 1997, Buddy Adams, Dan Avina, Bob Bones, John Corning, Eddy Duval and Dave Hansen began paddling our malia canoe, the Manowale’a.  Buddy Adams is the founding benefactor and named the club “Makana Ke Kai” – Hawaiian for “precious gift of the sea.”  With the help, inspiration and hard work of many others, Makana Ke Kai grew into a strong ohana (family) that spread the spirit of aloha to everyone.

Paopao Outrigger Association...


Our Canoes



"Precious Gift"

Named after the Makana Ke Kai Outrigger Canoe Club.   It is a Mirage canoe in the long boat class.

Hale Aloha, Rell

"In Loving Memory, Rell"

In commemoration of Rell Sunn, Hawaiian surf legend and worldwide ambassador of the Aloha spirit, who lost her battle with melanoma.  The Rell was purchased by Makana Ke Kai.  It is a Bradley canoe in the long boat class.



The Malia was first purchased by Lance Ponce (and subsequently purchased by the club).  Lance was a head coach for the club and the canoe is named after his wife.  It is a Bradley canoe in the long boat class.



The Nehe was named in memory of Buddy's beloved mother who was full-blooded Chaktah Native American Indian.  The Nehe was purchased by Buddy Adams.  It is a Bradley canoe in the long boat class.

Thomas Kalama

The first Hawaiian outrigger club on the West Coast was founded by Noah Kalama.  The club today is led by his son, Thomas Kalama, who continues to promote long-held native Hawaiian traditions through the teaching of outrigger paddling.  Makana Ke Kai Outrigger Club respects him greatly and holds him in high regard.   It is a Mirage canoe in the long boat class.



"Strong Warrior"

The Kahurangi is a New Zealand sailing canoe, purchased by Buddy Adams.  It is in the long boat class.



"Generous Heart"

The Manowale'a is named in honor of Buddy Adams, benefactor of Makana Ke Kai.  It was the club's first canoe.  It is in the Malia class.

It is believed that canoes have a life to them. Each has a distinct and separate personality in the ocean. The canoe is part of the team, and carries all paddlers safely into the ocean and home again. We treat the canoes with respect and never take them for granted or treat them discourteously.


Do not ever sit or lean on a canoe except in the designated seat area once the canoe is in the water.  When canoes are lifted, be sure the ‘ama and iako (the outrigger part of the canoe) are supported and off the ground. Canoes should not be dropped, but set down lightly.


Do not step over the body of the canoe. If you need to move to the other side, walk around the canoe. It is a gesture of courtesy to the canoe to do so.

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Many Thanks to Peggy Chun for the generous use of her artwork on our website.  It is used by permission only.  Copies of her work are available for purchase at www.peggychun.com